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Chemistry Education (7-12), M.S.Ed

About the Program

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Accredited

The master of science in chemistry education (7–12) is designed for teachers who wish to combine advanced work in chemistry with graduate work in education.

About the Chemistry Department

164 Science and Math Complex
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: (716) 878-5204
Fax: (716) 878-4028

Admission Requirements

1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.6 (4.0 scale) in chemistry courses.

2. A New York State Certificate of Qualification (CQ), provisional certificate, or initial certificate to teach at the secondary level.

3. A minimum of 24 credit hours of undergraduate chemistry courses, including one year of physical chemistry.

4. A minimum of one year each of calculus, general physics, biology, and geosciences.

5. Three letters of recommendation.

In addition, all applicants should review the Admission to a Graduate Program section in the Graduate Catalog.

Program Requirements

Required Courses 9 cr
Select from the following:
CHE 540 Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHE 550 Advanced Physical Chemistry (4)
CHE 560 Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 620 Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms (4)
CHE 625 Physical Methods of Structure Determination (4)
CHE 670 Biomolecules: Proteins, Nucleic Acids, and Enzymes
CHE 680 Advanced Analytical Chemistry

Science Education Courses 9 cr
SCI 628 Seminar in Secondary Science Education
SCI 632 Curricular Trends in Science Teaching in the Secondary School
SCI 685 Evaluation in Science Education

Elective Courses 3-6 cr

Research and Master’s Project or Master’s Thesis 6 cr
Select from the following:
CHE 690* Master’s Project in Chemistry
SCI 694 Research Methods and Techniques in Science Education
CHE 795* Master’s Thesis in Chemistry (6)

*Can be counted toward both the 15-credit chemistry requirement and the 6-credit research requirement.

Total Required Credit Hours 30 cr

All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise indicated.

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